This unit is perfect for
Veterinarian Clinics for
Isolation or for overnight
stays. It features Tenderfoot
flooring and heavy welded
plastic so no contact can be
made from nose to nose. It
has plastic wash down
trays  for easy clean up.
Can be built in multiples to
fit any size space. This unit
features storage cabinet

This is the perfect single
unit to watch a whelping
female or just to keep your
pet out of trouble while
you are gone. It features
welded pull pan for easy
cleanup. Has tenderfoot
Great for Isolation in Veterinarian clinics
Custom Cages
All of our stack
cages feature
plastic welded
pull pans.
Can be custom made to accommodate the space you have
D & D Kennel Buildings
and Supplies LLC.
Check out our
playpens. Features
pull pan
Duraslat Kennel
Tuff flooring sizes
4'x4' or 3'x3'
Our Plastic Stack
Cages can have
rolling casters,
Legs or just sit on
top of one another
or just on the floor